John Boehner, Spineless Speaker of The House

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House passes debt ceiling increase

Speaker John Boehner, spineless, two faced weasel. Rather than stand up to the President, Democrats and more importantly stand up for the American people, he caved. He caved by allowing for legislation to pass in the House that will allow the President to raise the debt ceiling again. Rather than take on the President, who has walked all over Speaker Spineless, he cowered under his desk in the House. Any wonder why I have not voted for this guy recently?

I can only hope and pray someone will take this guy on so that we can remove him not only from his role as Speaker but better yet as a member of Congress. Like I have said, Republican or Democrat, the majority of Congress and the Senate needs to be sent packing. 

November people…….remember November.

Charter Preparing A Fight To Takeover Time Warner

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A customer leaves a Time Warner Cable store in Palm Springs

For those who follow this or better for those who don’t, it appears that Charter is preparing a bid to takeover Time Warner. Last month they made an offer to purchase Time Warner Cable, which was flatly rejected. Now, Charter is looking to make it happen via a proxy fight. I enjoy this stuff, especially when it comes to a cable company like Time Warner which does not seem to overly value its customers (of course thats almost standard practice in the Cable Telecom world).

Nevertheless, this should be interesting. Of course, I am currently a Time Warner internet and phone customer so I have some interest here. No way to know how this will turn out for customer in the long run.

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Another Obamacare Mandate Delay

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It seems the Obama Administration is concerned about the impact the employer mandate is having on small business. Why else would this issue another delay in the employer mandate?

The Obama administration is giving another delay to business groups concerned about the health care law’s requirement that larger firms cover their workers.

The Treasury Department announced Monday that companies with 50 to 99 employees have an additional year to comply with the coverage mandate, until January 1, 2016.


Oh wait, silly me. They are just trying to ensure that everyone has time to get themselves better situated for rollout. It has nothing to do with the impact on business nor anything to do with the midterm elections in 2014 and 2015, right? You believe that, and I do indeed have a bridge to sell you.

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Mr. Transparent, Uh Not So Much

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Barack Obama ran in 2008 stating that he and his administration would be the most open, transparent and ethical in history. Of course, that like everything else that came out of his mouth, was a lie. Outpacing any President in modern history, he is appointing donors to Ambassadorships in record numbers. Its not just that he is appointing donors, but many are completely devoid of qualifications.

I am simply astound ed by the ineptitude and morally bankrupt behavior of this man. He simply is incompetent and further chooses to ignore any real standards. Click on the photo to jump to the story.

Support The Keystone Pipeline

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If you are like me and support the Keystone Pipeline Project, please follow this link and express your support. This project will create thousands of American jobs and further enhance American energy independence.

No More Gimmicks Mr. President, Please!

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With U.S. international relations going through perhaps the worst period in 40 years, the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, an economy still in the doldrums and the lowest rate of employment in more than 40 years, President Obama carved out time in his State of the Union speech to introduce his new savings plan, “myRA” . Mr. Obama was obviously in dire need of material for the speech to have come up with this. Consider that the maximum total a myRA account can accumulate is $15,000. The money put in would be taxed first. The investment vehicle is a government security yielding about 2 percent.

The only benefit would be the tax-free accumulation of the interest. Inflation is growing at more than 2 percent, so the overall return would be negative. It sounds more like another way for the government to borrow, rather than giving the people a significant new savings vehicle. Does this sound like a good deal to anyone? In addition, what about the details? How the money would be put in and taken out are still to be determined, but apparently employers must sign up for the plan and agree to a payroll-deduction program.

What reporting requirements would be the responsibility of employers? What new administrative costs would be incurred by employers and the government? With no penalties on withdrawing the money, would people be disciplined enough to leave the money in the account when faced with financial pressure? If someone did want to withdraw money, how long would it take and what would be the process required to get it?

Would participants have to go to their employer to make a withdrawal? An alternative would be to open a savings, money market or brokerage account. The interest rate may be slightly lower, but investment options would be greatly expanded, making potential returns much more attractive. The government would not be involved, the employer would not be involved and there would be no limitations on how much you can put in or restrictions on when or how much you can take out. MyRA accounts appear to be a diversion away from the mess that is the state of this union.

The most important issue today is the creation of new jobs. Mr. Obama should focus on stimulating the economy with tried-and-true methods that encourage business expansion. Instead of creating new restrictive regulations, he should eliminate or suspend regulations that kill profitability and, as a result, jobs. Since creating jobs is the first thing Mr. Obama thinks about when he gets up in the morning (or so he said), I suggest he use his pen and phone to suspend one job-killing regulation each day.

CBO Chief Cans Obamacare’s Affect on Employment

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CBO Director Doug Elmendorf said that "the effects of the Affordable Care Act would be a good deal larger" than previously thought. (AP/Jacquelyn Martin)

CBO Chief Says Obamacare is a drag on work.

Of course the Obama Administration and Democrats say the CBO is misinterpreting its own study. That either makes them just plain ignorant or worse, incapable of recognizing the facts and telling the truth. Which do you think it is?